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We really care.

Applied Behavioral Analysis is the recommended treatment used for kids with autism and related disabilities.  It has become the most accepted, evidence-based treatment to assist kids with autism in obtaining skills and reducing problem behaviors such as self-injury, food refusal, aggression, and interfering repetitive behaviors.

Through our collaborative in-house care network, ABA therapy can be combined with a variety of other therapies to ensure your child has all of their needs met.

We can provide therapy in your home, in our clinics, on-site, virtual, or a combination plan.  Additionally, Becky our in-house care coordinator will help with all insurance and related expenses to make your child's therapy as stress-free as possible.


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Founding Story

Jason Pickerill, founder, and owner, went to school at the University of Toronto and graduated with his BSc in occupational therapy. As you probably know, everyone in Canada has access to universal healthcare services and no one is turned away because they have the wrong insurance, which is why Jason named his company Rehab For All, but I’m jumping ahead.

After graduation with his OT degree, Jason traveled Europe for 9 weeks and when he returned home, his parents had moved from Canada to the United States and instead of leaving his stuff in boxes somewhere, they brought it.  So Jason lived with his parents longer than most and started his career in an acute care hospital. When at home, he helped his mom make dinner while they watched Matlock and Columbo. In the evenings he earned his MBA at the University of Pittsburgh Katz Business School.


He eventually moved out and lived in Texas, Nebraska, and Connecticut before settling in Colorado. He took a job working with kids (home health pediatrics) and he was adept at turning work into play and keeping things fun.  A couple of evenings a week, Jason volunteered his O.T. services to a few families who couldn’t find providers accepting Medicaid, or who had no insurance at all. A short time later, and while expecting his 3rd child, the word spread that kids could get therapy regardless of their insurance, and Jason had more referrals than he could manage on his own. It was at this time that he quit his full-time job, completed credentialing, and reached out to two therapists to help him, and they all began working together and continue to do so today.

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Jason Pickerill - Founder | CEO
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Proud Supporter of the Special Olympics

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